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I am one of many happy patients of Mayuri Patel and Dr Prasanna. I was given the opportunity of having Ayurvedic treatment in UK and India,  Ayurveda is a traditional and herbal medicine, which have no side affects, unlike western medicines.

I started getting boils around my groin area in April 2008. I was diagnosed with having MRSA in June and also had to have two operations as the boils were highly infected. I got screened a few times and was always positive. I was mentally stressed and the pain was unbearable, I couldn’t stand sit and had to lye in an uncomfortable position. I was loosing hope and faith.  There wasn't much that NHS could do for me so I decided to undertake Ayurvedic treatment.  I had seen Mayuri prior to this and decided to ring her to see what Ayurveda could do.  Mayuri was in India at the time so she suggested that I came there for treatment.    

I thought it would be best if I went to India for my treatment, so in September 2008 I went to an Ayurvedic hospital in South India and started my treatment internally and externally. The treatment definitely  was a positive treatment, it made me release all the toxins I had built up over the years, physically and mentally.  While I was there I went to many temples and began to realise the importance of faith in the process of being cured.  Ayurveda is not just the removal of diseases but to secure and maintain health, prevent disease.  Ayurveda is also about life. Before I left India I was re-tested and it was negative, I was ecstatic.  Something I really appreciate is the time that went in to help me, I was treated with care and as a human being, I followed dietary plans and did yoga.  I began to become inspired in my life and developed faith for life.  Mayuri explained to me the philosophical reasoning for MRSA in the body and the line of treatment; which I truly appreciated.  Not many doctors explain your symptoms or disease and for Mayuri to do so many me understand and accept. 

I would defiantly recommend Ayurvedic treatment to everyone!! No matter how small or big your problem is, Ayurvedic medicine has the perfect treatment for you!! 

Thank you


"First visited Mayu-Veda 1 week after I had my baby. Due to the strain of giving birth and the over whelming experience of being a mother my body was sore and fragile. In the consultation I discussed my concerns with the practitioner and she was very helpful. I had a full body Abhyanga with Nadi Sveda for the soreness and pain. I was so shocked at the immediate reaction to my body. I felt really relaxed and the pain was less straight away.  

I now go for this treatment every 2 weeks and the best thing is I also take my little one to the clinic. I bring my baby in for a weekly ghee massage. They use a special traditional baby massage table and they bath him in a special baby powder. He loves it so much that I’ve bought the powder so I can use it at home every day. The great thing is it last a long time because you only have to use a little bit.

Thank you and keep up the good work."


"I’m no different to a lot of people out there, for many years now I’ve been passed from one specialist to another, I’ve been examined countless times exposed to the usual scans and tests but never has anybody in the medical system of this country been able to give me an answer as to what has been causing the  discomfort which I’ve constantly carried around with me in my body. Eventually you end up at the pain clinic when the other specialists have agreed with themselves that this is the best place for you to be. Not been a person to take synthetic pharmaceutical drugs I had to change the direction in which I was heading and find a more organic form of treatment that would work with my body and not against it by masking what was wrong with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

I’ve looked at many different methods of what are termed “holistic treatments” over the years but nothing had really stud out for me. Then through certain synchronicities I found myself on the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association web site looking for an Ayurvedic clinic in my local area. After a phone call to Mayu-Veda I arranged a consultation. It was the first time in around nine years that somebody had actually listened to what I was experiencing and also the first time I had felt a practitioner held with them a belief in what they were saying. When I left the clinic that day I felt a weight had already been lifted from my shoulders in as much I knew these people were going to help me and were not just telling me what I wanted to hear.

I have now completed a treatment which meant me visiting the clinic each day during a seven day period. Every time I attended the clinic I was treated with the up most respect by the staff which I can only say are some of the most kindest people I’ve met. The professional mannerism and knowledge of the staff also made me feel at total ease. 

 The treatment room is very relaxed and even just the experience of been in the room had a very positive effect on the body and mind, I would certainly recommend anybody to go and have a treatment in this room to experience it for themselves.

During this seven day period I felt considerable changes taking  place in my body and each day I got more and more positive about life in general. It has now been a few weeks from my last treatment and the staff at the clinic have given me in-depth advice on the things I need to be doing and eating for my particular body type.

I have found my experience at Mayu-Veda to be very positive and it has certainly given me a new understanding of my body and the belief to work with my body in bringing  it back to a healthy state without the pain I’ve been carrying all these years. I would have no concerns recommending anybody to this clinic and I will stand by my words totally. I will also continue to come to the clinic for future treatments when the time arises. "


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