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Course Overview:

Man cannot survive without the nature, which has given birth to him. There is an intimate relationship between man and the nature. Nature has proved very useful and worthful for human life especially, the biological environment that includes the herbal drugs. Herbal drug is one of the most ancient forms of treatment involving with humanity. In India, plants are considered as sacred for centuries and were a part of Indian consciousness and lifestyle. Never was there a period on earth when life was not there, and there never was a condition of life when intelligence did not help life. As medicines have always existed, his intelligence helped him to tackle difficulties of body and life and cautioned him to attentive to unfavorable conditions.

Ayurvedic theories were formulated on basis of the observation of nature and application of ‘law of uniformity’ of nature. In view of the changing concepts of health and disease in modern time and with the emerging scenario of modern health hazards, attention has been drawn to the holistic approach of Ayurveda. Thus, the holistic loom of Ayurveda and its unique fundamental principles on one hand and the safe nutriceutical remedies of Ayurveda on the other, if pooled to the main stream of world medicine of today, can bring a big positive revolution to the quality of health care for the suffering humanity world over.

We are in the midst of a global shift in health care and the centre for this change is Ayurvedic medicine, which supplement health using neutral non-toxic substances, which recognises the important role of the mind and emotions. The shift towards the holism acknowledges the interdependence of body, mind, emotions, healthy environment and use of different formulations of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics.

Bhaishajya kalpana is an evolving branch of Ayurveda pertaining with preparation of medications and its combination. Bhaishajya kalpana comprises two words- Bhaishajya means drug and kalpana means modification. All Dravya combinations depend on Panchamahabhoota theory and its aim is to assist nature in best possible way for the healing. Majority of Ayurvedic drugs are molecular nutrients rather than chemotherapeutic pharmacological agents. This branch contributed to aid the physician to utilize this Bheshaja [drug] in various forms and modes to fight the disease, but all these permutations and combinations were imbibed in five basic kalpana’s only.

The course will give participants a good understanding of the Concepts of Bheshajya Kalpana and knowledge of preparing a various simple formulations, which are very useful for so many diseases.

Lecturers: Dr.S.G.Prasanna Aithal

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