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  About Mayu ~ Veda  
  About Mayu ~ Veda  

Our Experienced Doctors, Practitioners and Therapists have had a long term relationship with Ayurveda and Indian philosophy. As our environment is an essential component of whom we are. Our doctors have developed a deep understanding regarding the fusion of the east and west, allowing us to practice and treat you devoid of judgment. Practitioners at Mayu ~ Veda live the Ayurvedic Lifestyle, incorporating meditation and yoga into their daily routine. Our staffs work as a whole rather than a unit and believe that only when we heal and grow as individual spirits will we be able to heal and help others collectively. The beauty of our doctors and therapists can be seen in their persona and their enthusiasm to help you, guiding you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Mayuri Patel

Mayuri Patel born in West Yorkshire has dedicated her life to helping and healing, after completing her degree in psychology she worked with the NHS with clients with Learning Disabilities. Working in the current health care system became frustrating and extremely unsatisfying for her. Psychology concentrated on just the mind as modern medicine on the body. And through her Post Graduate research she came into contact with Ayurveda the SCIENCE OF LIFE; a perfect and beautiful science which allowed her to recognise a persons Mind, Body & Soul. While she began this new journey in the south of England to study and train as an Ayurvedic Practitioner her passion grew. She began to gain vast experience and knowledge within the field of Ayurveda. She worked as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in an Ayurvedic Centre in France for 2 years and has been an executive committee member & organiser in one of the largest international Ayurvedic Conference’s in France. She has trained under great doctors, philosophers and gurus such as Kiran Vyas, Dr Krishna. She has also met many great personalities and role figures of Ayurveda such as Dr. Premvati Tiwari and Dr Bhagwan Dash. Recently she spent 6 months in India working in an Ayurvedic Medical Hospital gaining knowledge, practice and experience. With a great depth of knowledge and an alluring personality Mayuri has the passion to help you with medical and psychological problems. She has set up her own practice and school to help broaden the knowledge and awareness of health to the public. Her aims to teach in a Philosophical manner allow the students to work on a deeper level understanding the person on many levels. Mayuri also aspires to aware and education individuals regarding health.

Dr. Aithal

Dr. Prasanna Aithal, an Ayurvedic Doctor, Professor and Vedic Astrologist has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda for 10 years. Born into a traditional family practicing Vedic Astrology in South India, Dr. Aithal has devoted his life to this science and completed both his undergraduate and post graduate degree in Ayurveda. He specialised his post graduation in the field of Panchakarma Chikitsa (the science of detoxification and rejuvenation) and took up research in Diabetes Mellitus successfully making the treatment for diabetes his forte. He has had the pleasure to work with and gain knowledge from leading personalities such as Prof. Gurdip Singh, Dr. Prasanna N. Rao and Dr.O.P.Sharma. He has also given many International seminars inspiring students and other professionals in the field of Ayurveda. During his academic and professional years, it became apparent to him that any system of medicine needs an empathetic, caring, dedicated and compassionate approach, alongside the ability to work and communicate effectively under pressure as well as part of a multidisciplinary team.

He has travelled to many counties such as Russia, Nepal and UK to teach Panchakarma and to offer his expertise knowledge in the field of Ayurveda. His passion and goals are to globalize Ayurveda in an authentic and traditional way. He has begun this journey by setting up Dr Aithal’s Ayurveda Seva Trust (R) a charitable trust founded with an intention to create awareness among the general public, about positive health and to obtain the same through the Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) such as Ayurveda, Local Health Tradition, Yoga, Naturopathy, Medical Astrology etc. by preserving, promoting and practicing the same and also to conduct Scientific Research over the above in India and abroad.

He is a Member of British Ayurvedic Accredited Association (BAAP) in London and awarded as Best Global Teacher (Panchakarma) Award 2007 from the International –Academy of Ayurveda Physicians. At present, Dr. Aithal’s Ph.D. synopsis of Detoxification Therapies in Diabetes Mellitus was accepted by the University of Jodhpur. Being deeply passionate about teaching and helping others, he very earnestly endeavours to fulfil his objectives which require whole hearted support of likeminded individuals as yourselves.

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